3 Ways to Amplify Your Self-Esteem Through Gratitude

7“Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes suddenly.” Tony Robbins

Low self-esteem can be tricky in that it makes you feel like everything is wrong in the world, namely yourself. Unmet expectations can lead you to believe that your life is one rain cloud after another. However this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Do you remember coloring as a child? You were given characters or landscapes outlined with thick black lines against cream paper and with your colors you began your work. Blues, reds and greens filled in the lines, not always neatly, but the end was colorful masterpiece that was your very own. Your adult life is not so different. Lines swirl and join to outline the landscape that is our daily existence. Take your blues, take your reds and take your greens. Take a moment to color in of all that you have to be grateful for and when it is complete, give thanks for the ability to create such a beautiful masterpiece.

What things do I have to be grateful for?

I get it, this can be a hard question to answer especially after a difficult day or week or month. Here are a few blessings to consider for your list:


  • Special people in your life (family, friends, mentors etc… )
  • Challenges that you have overcome (job loss, injury, fears, life-changes etc… )
  • Natural beauty (you are alive, happy moments, nature, love etc… )


How can I remember to be grateful in my daily life?

Find a small object of meaning that is easy for you to carry around with you. It can be a necklace, bracelet or pocket-sized item. Every time you touch or see this object, think of at least one thing from your list that you are genuinely grateful for and say “Thank You”. This singular action will allow you to incorporate gratitude into your life on a regular basis.

I’m good at expressing gratitude towards others, but what about myself?

Begin by making a conscious effort to express gratitude towards yourself for a job well done. Too often low self-esteem leads us to down play our role in success by giving all the credit to someone else. While it is important to show appreciation to all members involved for a job well done, it is imperative to take a moment to acknowledge your contribution to the achievement. By recognizing the value in yourself, you set the expectation for others to do the same.

A fashion stylist and former women’s fit technologist, author Lakeysha-Marie Green utilizes her experience in the fashion industry combined with her personal journey to self-discovery to help women transform their appearance from the inside out. Her first book, The Seeds of Beauty, tells an inspiring story of restoring unconditional self-love and genuinely radiating your beauty from within. Begin your own beautiful makeover with a free Inner Beauty Affirmation at http://www.theseedsofbeauty.com

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27 Daily Affirmations to Boost Self-Esteem and Develop Self-Confidence

1If you look at any of your problem areas in your life, you’ll probably find they are rooted in faulty and limited beliefs, embedded deeply in our subconscious mind. Because they are in the subconscious mind, often you are not aware that they are the source of your thoughts and actions.

These negative and dis-empowering beliefs, are the reason our life does not work as well as we would like it to; they are the barriers and blockages that stop us from reaching our full potential.

I believe these are the source of our self-sabotage, and through daily affirmations and declarations we are able to imprint in our mind a new way of thinking, new beliefs that are empowering, boost self-esteem and develop self-confidence.

We are re-programming our subconscious mind through daily repetitions of these affirmations, and remember that every new belief needs time and attention to flourish.

You can’t do these affirmations for a few days and expect to get long-term results… you will have to imprint them daily; repeating and contemplating on each one for at least 5 minutes, for a period of one month or two. Anything less will not succeed.

Affirmations can be used for immediate, short-term results as well, when you want to influence and redirect the thoughts that occur in your conscious mind.

For example, in a situation where you are feeling stressed, tense or upset, you can repeat an affirmation such as, “I feel calm and relaxed. I feel calm and relaxed. I feel calm and relaxed” for a couple of minutes.

Since your conscious mind can only think one thought at a time, you are able to “fill” your mind with thoughts that support you or your goals. You can repeat these anywhere, whilst driving, loud or silently.

One thing to remember is that you don’t necessarily have to believe your affirmations; all you have to do is repeat them.

I have put together 27 of the most powerful affirmations and declarations that I have come across, specifically to boost self-esteem and develop self-confidence.

You can choose to start with the ones that fit you best, and rotate them daily or weekly, whatever is appropriate for you.

Daily affirmations and declarations:


  1. I am unique. I feel good about being alive and being me.
  2. Life is fun and rewarding.
  3. Amazing opportunities exist for me in every aspect of my life.
  4. There are no such things as problems, only opportunities.
  5. I love challenges, they bring out the best in me.
  6. I replace “I must”, “I should” and “I have to” with “I choose”. (try it with something you think you have to do, and replace must with choose… notice the difference?)
  7. I choose to be happy right now. I love my life.
  8. I appreciate everything I have. I live in joy.
  9. I am courageous. I am willing to act in spite of any fear.
  10. I am positive and optimistic. I believe things will always work out for the best.
  11. It’s easy to make friends. I attract positive and kind people into my life.
  12. It’s easy to meet people. I create positive and supportive relationships.
  13. I am a powerful creator. I create the life I want.
  14. I am OK as I am. I accept and love myself.
  15. I am confident. I trust myself.
  16. I am successful right now.
  17. I am passionate. I am outrageously enthusiastic and inspire others.
  18. I am calm and peaceful.
  19. I have unlimited power at my disposal.
  20. I am optimistic. I believe things will always work out for the best.
  21. I am kind and loving. I am compassionate and truly care for others.
  22. I am focused and persistent. I will never quit.
  23. I am energetic and enthusiastic. Confidence is my second nature.
  24. I treat everyone with kindness and respect.
  25. I inhale confidence and exhale fear.
  26. I am flexible. I adapt to change quickly.
  27. I have integrity. I am totally reliable. I do what I say.

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How to Stay Motivated and Reach Your Goals

4Motivation – We’re all chasing it, but few of us understand it, or why we lose it in the first place.

What Is Meant By Motivation?

Motivation is the natural desire to reach a goal, combined with the passion and energy to work toward achieving that goal. Individuals who are motivated have a desire to take on new ventures and fulfill the requirements necessary to complete the task.

Motivation is a characteristic that we all require in order to achieve anything in our lives. Without motivation, we would all simply give up at the slightest inclination of adversity. Motivation is the instigator that inspires and encourages us to be our best. Someone who is motivated will do anything it takes to be successful in achieving their goals. Motivation can change your life by inspiring you to get everything you want out of life, no matter what other people try to tell you.

It is possible for someone who is stricken by poverty to become motivated and turn everything around into a life of abundance.

Motivation gives us the passion that we need to begin exploring our options in life as well as the courage to see these dreams through to reality. If you are unhappy with your current situation, it is most likely due to the fact that your current situation does not motivate you. You must take it upon yourself to determine what it is that you truly want out of life. Think about the type of lifestyle that you want to lead and the kind of career you want.

Once you know what makes you happy and change your life centre, you will be excited to jump out of bed each and every morning. Why We Lose Our Motivation

Three primary factors lead to the loss of our motivation, they are:

1. Lack of direction. You will not be motivated to achieve your goals if you do not know what those goals are. 2. Lack of confidence. Believing you will fail is the best way to ensure it. 3. Lack of focus. Not knowing what it is that you want will lead to wondering if you even want anything at all.

Tips on How to Stay Motivated

When you lack motivation, you also lack ambition, enthusiasm and zest. Motivation makes you feel as if you are full of life and ready to do anything you have to in order to reach the goals that you have set out for yourself. Once you find your motivation, you will be happier, you will have more energy and you will be able to see the positive results clearly in your mind.

You need to enhance the motivation within you and awaken your inner power to push yourself in the direction of fulfilling your dreams, no matter how great or small they may be. Here are a few tips to help you find your motivation and hold on to it:


  1. Set goals. If you set goals for yourself, finding the motivation to reach those goals will come easier.
  2. Finish everything you start. Make a promise to yourself that no matter what happens, you must always make it to the finish line.
  3. Mingle with like minds. Positive attitudes seem to be contagious. Surround yourself with likeminded people who possess the motivation that you seek.
  4. Do not put off for tomorrow what you can get done today. If you procrastinate, you will become lazy and lose all motivation to succeed.
  5. Never give up. Patience and persistence to keep going and stay strong no matter what comes along will give you the motivation you need to succeed.

Constantly remind yourself that you can succeed. Visualize your goals and how happy you will be once you have everything you want. 

Some Famous Quotes:


  1. “Make Every Obstacle an Opportunity”
  2. “Turn Every Negative to a Positive”
  3. “Fortune Favours the Bold”
  4. “Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained”


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Demystifying F-E-A-R While Harvesting Creative Thoughts

8Many years ago someone pointed out to me that fear is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R.). Whatever the mind can perceive, it will conceive. So, whatever you think is real, shall become real to you. This is a fundamental truth of human conditioning. I personally had suffered a lot of nervous situations when giving a speech or presentation, but I had to learn how to manage it.

The fear of speaking and expressing one’s feelings has been rated as being worse than death itself. This means that most people would rather die than give a talk or presentation. This fear has been named Glossophobia by the experts, also known as the fear of public speaking.

Our society is fertilized and maintained by modern technology such as television, computers, mobile phones, text messaging, chat rooms, emails, and the internet. These new means and methods of communication have catapulted us into the next generation, and at the same time have developed a sterile ground rendering us helpless in knowing how to interact with other people. Nowadays, it seems normal for our youth to speak faster. They don’t have the same technique for making conversation, face to face. Many have lost their self confidence, are less assertive, less talkative and live a life peppered with stressful moments. You can live next door to someone for decades and never know them.

We seem to be losing the ability to communicate effectively. It cannot be due to a shortage of vocabulary since there are over 1.5 million known words in the English language. A well educated person recognizes more than 20,000 different words. The average mother-tongue speaker knows around 4,000 words but utilizes less than 2,000 common words in daily usage. The problem is knowing what to say and how to respond. For some it is trench warfare and the first casualty of this war is self esteem. Behaviour suffers as we are forgetting how to physically and verbally express ourselves and communicate. It can all be very frustrating.

Imagine for a moment that you have just been asked to give a five-minute presentation or you are attending a job interview. What happens to you physically and mentally? Your heart starts racing, you feel hot or cold and your breathing changes. Your thoughts swirl round and round causing turbulence inside your mind and your stomach shuts down, rendering you confused as to whether you should be sick… or rushing to the bathroom. Which one is it going to be? The resulting F.E.A.R. has caused your body and mind to lockdown. What is the cause and affect of this type of fear, and how can we managing it? First of all, we need to take a closer look at how the human mind works.

When do you get creative ideas? I remember reading about the famous British comedian Benny Hill. Apparently, his housemaid always found scribbled bits of paper lying around the bathroom after he had a shower. And when he ran out of writing paper he used toilet paper to jot down ideas for his comedy skits. Everyone loved him and he was very funny. Benny said he always got his best ideas whilst showering. This is due to the body’s relaxed state inducing Alpha waves and therefore opening the corridors of creation within the brain.

One noted author who previously explored this science was Joseph De Bono. He discovered that the human brain operates on different wavelengths measured in cycles per second. These frequencies are known as the Alpha (10.5 cps), Beta (14cps), Theta (7 cps) and Delta (4 cps) wavelengths. Dr De Bono worked on the premise that the higher the brain frequency, or cycles per second, the more stressed a person would be and this blocked the creative part of the brain. Finally, Alpha was recognized as being the most creative conscious operating wavelength. The Beta wavelength was associated with stressful outcomes and found to produce less creative situations. Theta is the wavelength we mostly experience when we are asleep. Delta is a deeper wavelength, like a person in a coma. Therefore, Alpha brain waves are the preferred wavelength for consciously producing creative, positive, calm and productive outcomes.

Cycles per second

* 14 Beta – stressful
* 10.5 Alpha (is the conscious creative wavelength)
* 7 Theta – when asleep
* 4 Delta – in a coma

When under stress your brain’s wavelengths increase and become beta waves moving further away from the Alpha state of mind. It is impossible to experience road-rage when in Alpha. Just as it is impossible writing a speech for a wedding when you are in a Beta state of mind. It just can’t be done! People who get angry just before a test or job interview are less likely to have positive results than people who simply remain calm and optimistic about it. So the next best thing to do is take note of when your mind goes into Alpha naturally, without any effort on your behalf.

One of the most popular methods is simply to meditate or relax. Meditation creates Alpha waves in your brain. What we are looking for is a state of mind free of influence created by alcohol, tobacco or drugs. It helps to relax the brain waves naturally and remain in a state of non-stress. Having established these parameters we can safely examine how the brain automatically produces an Alpha environment.

There are occasions when your brain automatically and naturally produces an Alpha state of mind. This usually happens when you are having a shower, sitting on the toilet, meditating, day dreaming and simply resting. It happens without much effort on your part. These are situations when your best ideas will unexpectedly bubble to the surface stimulating the more creative part of your brain and energy increases. But you must be prepared to capture the moment.

When you find yourself in the shower, hot tub, spa (Jacuzzi) etc. your brain goes into Alpha. Most men like to read the newspaper when sitting on the toilet because their brain goes into Alpha and they feel relaxed, safe and comfortable. It becomes a sanctuary for taking in information and thinking without any stress. That is typical of the Alpha state of mind. Always have a writing pad next to the toilet and shower for writing down ideas as they appear in your head. Also, have a paper and pen waiting by your bedside. It is not uncommon for some people to wake up and write something down at three in the morning. It can be difficult remembering that thought later. Always carry a small writing pad with you, just in case an idea lights up when you least expect it. You must capture the moment! Some of the content in this article was created exactly this way J

When you eat, the mind responds to the body’s changes by going into Alpha to aid the digestive process.

It all starts with a thought –
Thought leads to emotion, which leads to action and produce results. If you are thinking that you can’t do something, then change the way you think and you might feel different about things. Our thoughts are so powerful that they produce the driving force behind our actions. Your personal motivation starts with a thought. What is not real may seem to be real, depending on what we are thinking.

This simple exercise will help you appreciate the power of thought. Close your eyes and imagine cutting a piece of tangy lemon. Lemon juice oozes onto your finger. Now bring that slice of lemon slowly to your lips. Before it even gets there your mouth begins to salivate and you can almost taste the sharp tangy flavour stimulating your taste buds. Your brain cells store emotion based on past experience. Each time you receive the same stimulus it will produce the same emotion. Therefore, to change the outcome you must replace the old emotion with a new experience. In other words, record a new associated thought over it. The way you feel depends on the way you interpret what you see, hear or touch. What you think causes the reaction to it.

Long after the content of your talk or presentation has been forgotten, the people who listened to you will still remember the feeling that was associated with it.

Develop the skills necessary to make an impact when you speak. Learn techniques on how to use your voice effectively, reduce fear, project a better image, manage nervous situations and motivate yourself and others to act. Increase your self confidence. Personal improvement starts with a single thought in your mind.

Learn to manage difficult situations, discover your hidden potential for self expression by minimizing F.E.A.R. and resonating with more strength.

Sal is dedicated to helping people become more aware of what they can achieve with a focus on acquiring better leadership skills, developing more confidence, becoming more assertive and creating a better work ethic. He has created a website http://www.speaknpresent.com which now serves as a resource for anyone who wishes to improve their speaking and presentation skills.

Sal Provino has been involved with coaching, tutoring and training for the past 25 years and specialises in personal and team development. Most people find it difficult to believe he was once extremely shy and introverted because he now speaks with articulation and passion. Since then, he has conducted his own local Radio Show, has held countless seminars and courses on Speaking Skills, writes and publishes his own ebooks and has been a professional M.C. at more than four hundred weddings and public functions.

He strongly believes anyone can have an enjoyable and memorable learning experience given the right programming. As Sal puts it, “It depends on the type of software you are uploading to your necktop computer”. His passion is to help people excell when they speak and present… http://www.speaknpresent.com

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Understanding Your Own Personal Power

feat3Personal power comes from a healthy self-esteem. Do the things that strengthen you. Learn new ways of becoming better at whatever it is you do. Read a good book, listen to an uplifting audio and for Pete’s sake – Stop trying to beat the clock! People with a ‘time’ issue will never have enough time to do what they like. The suicidal war cry: “It’s gotta be done yesterday” belongs to another world, and other species who are slowly drowning in a pool of regret.

At one stage or other we have all had an unsuspected bout of the jitters, that is, getting nervous about facing the music. Rest assured that it is normal and it is OK to feel nervous because this is part of being human and it means you are alive and well. But what can you do when you suddenly feel powerless?

Most people become nervous just before they enter the boss’s office for a performance review, when speaking with an irate person, taking part in a test or attending a job interview. Believe it or not, you are an emotional being. Whatever the situation, you can be certain that if you are human, alive and breathing (and if you are not, please stop reading and go make alternative arrangements), then you will definitely feel nervous. Nerves may manifest themselves as that knotted-up feeling in your tummy which feels like a squadron of moths flying in attack formation. You can’t get rid of it, but there is a way of diverting that nervous energy and harnessing its power to your benefit. How can we regain our personal power?

When Tiger woods hit a snag in his career his father was overheard telling his son, “…just go out and be yourself…” Earl Woods knew that it was all in the mind. How Tiger progressed since then has earned a place in sports history.

I was once performing as a Master of Ceremonies at a large charity function held on behalf of a hospital with over twelve hundred people attending. The audience was made up of doctors from all levels, medical staff and prominent people, VIPs and politicians etc. Behind the curtain was a well known comedian ready to come out and do his stuff. He was so famous that he had his own spot on TV. I went backstage to see if he was ready and what I found was a man who seemed to be scared of his own shadow. He was a mess, literally. Now, here was someone who had been on television and was a household name, but was gripped by a case of stage fright. I learnt there and then it can happen to the best of us. I genuinely felt for him and asked him a couple of gentle questions (I could see he was terribly agitated).

I then gave him some encouragement by speaking in soft tones and telling him how much I liked his humour and that most people thought he was the funniest man around. I kept a smile on my face and reassured him of his talents. He not only recovered but made jokes about me to the audience and I knew that he appreciated my motivation. It was understood between us. Once he got his confidence back and remembered who he was and his capabilities (talents), he was able to express himself again. The techniques I employed to help this man he could have used himself by simply looking into the mirror and using auto-suggestion to get his thoughts right again. It works much better if you say it aloud and let your own ears hear it.

Work harder on yourself and the rest will fall into place. What the world gives us is a perfect reflection of how we see ourselves. If you believe in yourself, walk tall and straight, then good things will come your way. Remove all thoughts of fear from your lifestyle because whatever you fear will become a reality. That is why it is essential for you to think positively at all times. Don’t listen to people who complain all the time and spend their life being armchair critics. Stop listening to the news first thing when you wake up and last thing before going to bed. Knowing all the bad stuff that is happening will not improve your personal power. It takes away from you. Here is a tip: if you want to change the world around you – then change the way you think.

The clue here is to relax and take it slowly. Watch and observe without emotion. Sit on a rock and think for a while. Breathe deeply and enjoy the surroundings. Take in the smells of freshness around and about you. Utilize all your senses. Be grateful for what you have, not sour about what you don’t have. Life is as you are painting it, second by second. Understand that you are a unique and special human being and no-one else alive has your thought patterns, experiences, desires, capabilities or aspirations. You call the shots, so learn to express – not impress! This is personal power.

Sal is dedicated to helping people become more aware of what they can achieve by acquiring better leadership skills, developing more confidence, becoming more assertive and creating a better work ethic. He has just returned from living in Northern Italy for over three years where he and his wife taught English as a second language and presentation skills to Italian and Swiss Professionals. His website http://www.speaknpresent.com serves as a resource for anyone who wishes to improve their dialectic skills and desire to enrich the way they express themselves. You may wish to check out the DIY Self Improvement section.

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How to Stay Motivated During Hard Times

feat2It all starts with a thought and thought leads to emotion, which leads to action and produce different results. If you are thinking that you can’t do something, then change that thought and you might feel different about things. Our thoughts are so powerful that they produce the driving force behind our actions. Your personal motivation starts with a thought. What is not real may seem to be real, depending on what we are thinking because that effects your perception of life’s experiences.

When the going gets tough we tend to take the point of least resistance because this is easiest and requires least effort on our behalf. This is part of being human. The pathway we choose to walk down can lead to situations that either help us overcome the problem, or in the worst scenario, we develop negative habits which may produce long term undesirable results. Even though it feels most comfortable at the time.

It is important to stay motivated and create consistent action that will promote positive outcomes for you. Therefore, try to identify what drives you and what motivates you. Remember to eliminate negative things from your everyday life. I once asked a good friend who was a successful platform speaker and he gave me a good tip, “I do that which strengthens me” – Bob McMinn.

What your mind will perceive, it will conceive. Yet, it is more powerful than any computer ever created. You have no idea what it is capable of. Try reading this jumbled up text below and prove to yourself how powerful your necktop computer really is. See just how much your brain and your mind together can unravel and achieve:

fi you cna raed this, you have a sgtrane mnid too. Cna you raed this? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.

i cdnuolt blveiee that I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd what I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mtaetr in what oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is that the frsit and last ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig! Who siad slpeling was ipmorantt?

In times of personal hardship and disappointment a dark cloud hovers over your head and most people feel helpless against it. If you allow it to, negativity will settle in and before you know it you find yourself spiraling downward. Conversely, you want things to flow your way and for positive results to be a regular occurrence in your life. Synchronicity facilitates the flow of genuine happy events becoming part of your normal routine. Positive energy surrounds you and everything you touch literally turns to gold and the Law of Abundance blesses you daily. If this is what you seek, then here is a simple but powerful plan to make it happen. It is also a six-point plan for designing your own mood:

1. Arise Quickly – get out of bed immediately when you wake up. Give yourself purpose to look forward to a bright new day. Try not to linger on after the alarm clock goes off.

2. Say out loud, “It’s a good day today!” This helps you start the day in a positive frame of mind. Look forward to joining the world!

3. Sing in the shower and in the car! Try being depressed when you sing… No Way! Singing sets the right mood for positive thinking. Sing at every chance you can!

4. Compliment others. Say something nice to different people at least three times a day. Enjoy life and invite the spirit of gratitude into your life. Do this and you will receive more goodness.

5. Read aloud, hear you own voice and appreciate the way you sound. I read aloud for at least five minutes each day. My brain hears it and accepts my own sound giving me security and creating a healthier self-esteem.

6. Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude – AVOID NEGATIVITY… Try and stay away from negative people. Don’t buy into gossip. It helps if you focus more on the good in every situation and notice less negative stuff. When something unfavorable happens to you ask yourself: ‘What am I learning from this experience?’ this helps you see life from an objective point of view and reduces the emotional baggage.

Practicing and exercising the above six points daily will help improve your mood and stimulate personal motivation in challenging times. Your goal should always be to live a stress-free life full of creative and positive outcomes. Do you dare to move forward with confidence?

Sal Provino has been involved with coaching, tutoring and training for the past 25 years and specializes in personal and team development. Most people find it difficult to believe he was once extremely shy and introverted because he now speaks with articulation and passion. Since then, he has conducted his own local Radio Show, has held countless seminars and courses on Speaking Skills and has been a professional M.C. at more than four hundred weddings and public functions.

He believes anyone can have an enjoyable and memorable learning experience given the right programming. As Sal puts it, “It depends on the type of software you are uploading to your necktop computer”. His website http://www.speaknpresent.com is rich with information for those wishing to stand above the rest. You may wish to visit the DIY Self Improvement section.

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The Inner Game of Motivation

5Sometimes, getting to a place in your life where you feel successful can feel like going through a maze. Just when you think that you have the right course figured out, you feel like you have reached a dead end, and after several dead ends you might even think that there is no real way out of the maze itself. Several defeats in a row may make you think that you simply cannot accomplish your goal, but every single defeat is telling you an important truth.

Walking It Off
When you take a loss, lose a client, or end up making the wrong gamble, it can throw your entire game off. Keeping yourself motivated in the face of adversity can seem difficult if you imagine that adversity is all there is. But you can and will stand up and walk away from these and other problems as long as you remember that problems have solutions. Every fault or defeat proves a flaw, and flaws can be fixed. Learn to identify how past errors may lead to future successes.

Putting Together the Puzzle, One Piece at a Time
Everyone has heard the phrase that Rome was not built in a day, but have they ever really considered what it means? If success could be achieved in a straight line with no deviations from the original course, then goals could be met quickly and easily by almost anyone; but there are always going to be new variables to consider. These variables include failures and successes, but regardless of which you experience, you can use those experiences as bricks in your own city.

There is No Rush, Period.
Many make the mistake of setting themselves up with deadlines, which are really just indicators of saying that if you do fail, this will be when you fail. The truth is that failure and success do not really follow those timetables just because you put them in place. Each one will act accordingly, and it is up to you to follow where they lead. They march, you follow.

The Rules of the Road
Success is something that you can control but you also must invite the opportunities for success to occur. In this way you will see the motivation you are seeking produce results. True motivation is the will to move forward, one step at a time, and you must reach your destination regardless of how many times you may stumble.
Doug Dvorak is the CEO of DMG Inc., a worldwide organization that assists clients with productivity training, corporate humor and workshops, as well as other aspects of sales and marketing management. Mr. Dvorak’s clients are characterized as Fortune 1000 companies, small to medium businesses, civic organizations and service businesses. Mr. Dvorak has earned an international reputation for his powerful educational methods and motivational techniques, as well as his experience in all levels of business, corporate education and success training.   www.dougdvorak.com

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Effective Motivation: How to Achieve Your Goals Without an External Reward

2If you’re like most Americans, your motivation at work (or in other areas of your life) is likely tied to rewards that aren’t completely related to your actions. You work forty hours a week for that Friday afternoon paycheck, instead of for a job well done. You promise yourself a new wardrobe as a reward for losing weight or giving up smoking, instead of relishing your healthier body. You work hard in school, or motivate your children to work hard in school, for the sake of earning high grades, not for the sake of learning new skills.

Extrinsic motivation, the use of unrelated, usually external, rewards, isn’t wrong. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly right, either. The problem with extrinsic motivation is that, when you don’t look beyond that end goal, you miss a lot of opportunities along the way. You perform just well enough at work to avoid trouble and to earn your paycheck, but you never achieve your full potential. It’s hard to achieve greatness when you’re only motivated by outside rewards.

Imagine what you would be capable of if you turned your focus to be benefits of your current task. You’re learning how to use a new type of software not because your manager told you to, but because you are interested in learning how it works and how it will improve your career skills. You work hard so that you can feel pride in what you’ve accomplished. The reward is related to the task, so it’s easier to relate the positive feeling you get from the reward with the work you put into meeting a goal.

This is what is known as intrinsic motivation. Your internal desires for pleasure, learning or acting with morals motivates your performance. It’s effective because it doesn’t rely on any external rewards. It takes a complete shift in thinking from what you might be used to. That takes time and conscientious practice, but it’s worth it. People who are intrinsically motivated are more likely to learn new skills and retain knowledge. They’re more likely to move ahead in their careers, and to make lasting changes in their lives.

You weren’t always extrinsically motivated. Think back to kindergarten; learning was fun! You couldn’t wait to get to school and learn to count or to learn your letters. You didn’t know about report cards; you were learning purely for the sake of learning, and you were enjoying yourself while doing it. Somewhere along the line, most people forget how much fun learning can be, and that’s where most people start to focus on extrinsic motivation. Not getting grounded for a poor report card becomes more important than really learning the material. That sets the tone for the motivational techniques you use as an adult. If you want to reclaim that excitement, you need to release the idea that hard work should come with a secondary, unrelated reward. Intrinsic motivation makes working towards goals fun again, and that’s something that everyone should get to experience more often.

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Great Goal Setting Ideas

feat1Goal setting is one of the key stages for your success in whatever you are doing. When you set goals you are aligning yourself up with the end result. There are a lot of people who don’t set goals and that is why they are failing. This is not a hard task to do. Especially if you already know what you want out of life and all you do is figure out what you have to do to get to that point.

There are plenty of great goals to achieve in your life but there are some people who have never thought about goal setting. They haven’t even thought about the direction of their life.

Well today is your lucky day because I’m going to walk you through some great goal setting ideas that you can use or get an example from.

First when you are thinking about goals you want to think about what you really want out of life. Be realistic and think of things that if you work hard at something then you will achieve it.

For example if you want to one day travel to another country then you would write that down or better than that. You can make a collage of your goals. Cut out pictures of what you want and stick them all on a board. This will help you even better visualize yourself in the situation.

Another great one is put a picture on the refrigerator or mirror in the bathroom. You want it to be the first thing you see when you get up to start your day and the last thing before you go to bed. Think about why you want to do this. You want to always keep it fresh on your mind so you don’t forget. Goal setting is simple.

How about going to test it out. Let’s say if it’s a car that you want. Go to the dealership and test drive the car. Get a good feel for it and take a picture with you in it. How about if you want a big house. Call and set up a time to go check out a big house and go through every room imagining you inside of it. This exercise will help get your creative juices flowing and you will do whatever it takes to get it. You will already know what it feels like and will want more.

These goal setting exercises will help you in so many ways.

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Effective Goal Setting Goes Hand In Hand With Emotions

3Effective goal setting can surely be achieved when attention is given to neutralizing emotions. There is evidence that emotions affect the success of achieving goals.

Who would have thought emotions affected achieving goals!

But they do.

Emotions are energy vibrating at different rates or frequencies, some vibrate at higher frequencies than others.

Frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz) and it creates a field that holds shape.

The higher the frequency, the more powerful life force energy becomes which means waves are oscillating faster.

As long as the frequency stays the same, the energy must follow the pattern of the frequency.

This is why meditation is encouraged, it supports the discipline of holding a frequency.

The emotions having higher frequencies are for example, love, joy, peace, acceptance and enlightenment.

The emotions having lower frequencies are for example, guilt, shame, fear, grief and apathy.

The frequency generated by higher frequency emotions would create a more powerful field to form shape than the emotions of lower frequency.

For effective goal setting, techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping contributes to shedding lower frequency emotions thus allowing more expression of the higher frequency emotions.

What a wonderful goal setting tip to achieving goals!

The Importance of Positive Thinking

This therefore brings us to the power of positive thinking, anything else is detrimental!

Positive thinking is like cultivating a seed in fertile soil.

When an oak seed is planted it grows into an oak tree. Supposing the oak had thoughts, those thoughts could be nothing less than an oak tree.

Any other thought would create another frequency (not of an oak tree) and the experience would be the pattern of that frequency.

Similarly, if you have a vision to have something, you have to be what you want. Being what you want creates the frequency to have it. So you have to be the frequency in order to have the frequency.

That is effective goals setting and it results in achieving goals. Positive thinking is the medium necessary to create the environment necessary to achieve goals that are desired.

Here’s an exercise for you to do. Each morning, sit quietly and place your attention on one thing, it could be your breathing, the sound of the air conditioning, anything that you can focus on.

Train yourself to focus with pure thought. Do this for 15 minutes each day preferably before daybreak.

Practice makes perfect so be consistent. Keep a log and record daily the changes you observe with yourself.

The author, Dawn A Grant, seeks to share her experiences with others in an effort to show that goal setting can be a simple and powerful process for all. She couples with her experiences, the profound principles which has allowed her to live a life of joy, ease and freedom.

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