Effective Goal Setting Goes Hand In Hand With Emotions

Effective goal setting can surely be achieved when attention is given to neutralizing emotions. There is evidence that emotions affect the success of achieving goals. Who would have thought emotions affected achieving goals! But they do. Emotions are energy vibrating at different rates or frequencies, some vibrate at higher frequencies than others. Frequency is measured […]

Goal Setting Tips: Characteristics of Effective Goals

It is important to set your goals if you really want to achieve success in life. Statistics reveal that those who have achieved phenomenal success in their lives, were setting and following their goals. These days so much is being talked about setting and achieving goals. Going by that wave, most people do a great […]

Goal Setting 201

So, you’re an achiever in life, right? You think you have pretty good goals. You’re a business owner, corporate executive, entrepreneur or someone who wants to achieve more in life. You’ve been to seminars about setting and achieving your goals and you think you’ve pretty much got it down. Well, I would submit to you […]