How to Stay Motivated During Hard Times

feat2It all starts with a thought and thought leads to emotion, which leads to action and produce different results. If you are thinking that you can’t do something, then change that thought and you might feel different about things. Our thoughts are so powerful that they produce the driving force behind our actions. Your personal motivation starts with a thought. What is not real may seem to be real, depending on what we are thinking because that effects your perception of life’s experiences.

When the going gets tough we tend to take the point of least resistance because this is easiest and requires least effort on our behalf. This is part of being human. The pathway we choose to walk down can lead to situations that either help us overcome the problem, or in the worst scenario, we develop negative habits which may produce long term undesirable results. Even though it feels most comfortable at the time.

It is important to stay motivated and create consistent action that will promote positive outcomes for you. Therefore, try to identify what drives you and what motivates you. Remember to eliminate negative things from your everyday life. I once asked a good friend who was a successful platform speaker and he gave me a good tip, “I do that which strengthens me” – Bob McMinn.

What your mind will perceive, it will conceive. Yet, it is more powerful than any computer ever created. You have no idea what it is capable of. Try reading this jumbled up text below and prove to yourself how powerful your necktop computer really is. See just how much your brain and your mind together can unravel and achieve:

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In times of personal hardship and disappointment a dark cloud hovers over your head and most people feel helpless against it. If you allow it to, negativity will settle in and before you know it you find yourself spiraling downward. Conversely, you want things to flow your way and for positive results to be a regular occurrence in your life. Synchronicity facilitates the flow of genuine happy events becoming part of your normal routine. Positive energy surrounds you and everything you touch literally turns to gold and the Law of Abundance blesses you daily. If this is what you seek, then here is a simple but powerful plan to make it happen. It is also a six-point plan for designing your own mood:

1. Arise Quickly – get out of bed immediately when you wake up. Give yourself purpose to look forward to a bright new day. Try not to linger on after the alarm clock goes off.

2. Say out loud, “It’s a good day today!” This helps you start the day in a positive frame of mind. Look forward to joining the world!

3. Sing in the shower and in the car! Try being depressed when you sing… No Way! Singing sets the right mood for positive thinking. Sing at every chance you can!

4. Compliment others. Say something nice to different people at least three times a day. Enjoy life and invite the spirit of gratitude into your life. Do this and you will receive more goodness.

5. Read aloud, hear you own voice and appreciate the way you sound. I read aloud for at least five minutes each day. My brain hears it and accepts my own sound giving me security and creating a healthier self-esteem.

6. Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude – AVOID NEGATIVITY… Try and stay away from negative people. Don’t buy into gossip. It helps if you focus more on the good in every situation and notice less negative stuff. When something unfavorable happens to you ask yourself: ‘What am I learning from this experience?’ this helps you see life from an objective point of view and reduces the emotional baggage.

Practicing and exercising the above six points daily will help improve your mood and stimulate personal motivation in challenging times. Your goal should always be to live a stress-free life full of creative and positive outcomes. Do you dare to move forward with confidence?

Sal Provino has been involved with coaching, tutoring and training for the past 25 years and specializes in personal and team development. Most people find it difficult to believe he was once extremely shy and introverted because he now speaks with articulation and passion. Since then, he has conducted his own local Radio Show, has held countless seminars and courses on Speaking Skills and has been a professional M.C. at more than four hundred weddings and public functions.

He believes anyone can have an enjoyable and memorable learning experience given the right programming. As Sal puts it, “It depends on the type of software you are uploading to your necktop computer”. His website is rich with information for those wishing to stand above the rest. You may wish to visit the DIY Self Improvement section.

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